Teoria e Critica della Regolazione Sociale / Theory and Criticism of Social Regulation

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Vol 2 No 27 (2023)
Published April 15, 2024

The Theory and Critics of Social Regulation (TCrs) journal aims to develop a research on philosophy of law and in general on critical theory in the social sciences and philosophy. Hereafter are the most important research topics of the journal: hermeneutics, epistemology and legal aesthetics, “law and literature”, rhetoric and legal arguments, “law and humanities” and “critical studies”, bioethics and new technologies. 
The research program is based on the necessity to critically analyze the social bond institutive processes. The hypothesis is that the study of these processes requires the elaboration of a general theory of law and institutions that should be able to surmount the nationalistic paradigm, on the basis of critical remarks on current problems, such as: symbolic forms and social bond; European identity; post-national legitimacy; forms of governance and procedural turn; crisis of regulation processes and new models of subjective identity. 

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