Current Issue

No 1 (2020)
Published December 23, 2020
Bachelard: An Ecological Thinker?

Edited by Jean-Philippe Pierron

ISBN: 9788857576138

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Riccardo Barontini
Bachelardian Approaches to Ecology
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Bachelard Studies is a peer-reviewed Open Access Journal whose purpose is to promote interdisciplinary research and debate in Gaston Bachelard’s philosophy and legacy. It aims at being an international forum for scholars interested in Bachelard’s thought but also in contemporary issues at the intersection between science and aesthetics. The journal encourages cross-cultural and many-sided approaches transcending boundaries between epistemology and aesthetics, but also cultural traditions.
Bachelard Studies seeks to continue Bachelard’s dialogue across different disciplines fostering discussions, in terms of present-day perspectives on the potential contributions of Bachelard’s thought in various fields of science (physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, medicine, psychology, neurosciences, etc.) and the humanities (literature, arts, aesthetics, ethics, sociology, anthropology, geography, religion), including interdisciplinary fields in cultural, visual, political, and environmental studies.

The journal appears biannually, in Spring and Autumn. It welcomes insightful academic articles and timely book reviews. Each issue includes a thematic cluster, divided into a monographic section, The Letter, devoted to the analysis of subjects strictly connected to Bachelard’s work and a thematic section, The Mind, devoted to the actualization of his thoughts, and a miscellany. The journal is also enriched with archive documents, discussions, interviews, creative works, reviews.