Call for papers


The theme for the fifth issue of the Moral Philosophy Discussions section is: Memory and Oblivion in History

The topic is addressed from an ethical perspective and can be treated  with reference to the following issues:

  1. In how many senses can we speak of the destruction and construction of memory?
  2. What does it mean today to talk about Cancel culture and what are the ethical issues connected to it?
  3. How can the dialectic between memory and oblivion be declined, in the individual but also in communities?
  4. In what and how many ways is it possible to think about the relationship between memory and identity?
  5. In what sense can we speak of autobiographical memory?
  6. What forms can historical revisionism take today, as in the past?
  7. The "places of memory": not only geographically located places but also places such as material and even abstract objects. Do places save from oblivion?
  8. Memory and reparations: moral and/or economic reparations?
  9. What are the possible differences and affinities between social, cultural and collective memory?

The deadline for submissions to this discussion is March 10, 2024. The contributions, between 15,000 and 30,000 characters in length, must be uploaded in anonymized form at this link: