Rivista di studi culturali e di estetica

  • 1723-0284

  • Biannual

  • Studi culturali ed estetica EN 3

  • Blind peer review

  • Luigi Antonio Manfreda
    Ivelise Perniola


Rivista di studi culturali e di estetica

Ágalma. Periodical of cultural studies and aesthetics is a six-monthly magazine of class A, founded in Rome in 2000 by Mario Perniola, together with Gianni Carchia and other Italian and international intellectuals, directed by Luigi Antonio Manfreda, who teaches theoretical Philosophy at Tor Vergata University of Rome and co-directed by Ivelise Perniola. The title places the magazine in the sphere of value in its aesthetic, economic and symbolic aspect, which the word "ágalma" refers to in its rich semantics; the subtitle traces the program: to bring aesthetics out of the sectorial boundaries of the academic discipline, in a wider synthesis, where culture and lifestyles are added to the traditional objects of beauty, art and the senses. The result is a unique theoretical field, which is at the same time a critical strategy that includes knowledge and skills from different areas of learning in their mutual interaction and in the confrontation between knowledge and power, and aims at concepts such as struggle, conflict and challenge at the basis of intellectual life and contemporary society, which the magazine draws on in relation to an ancient value of the beautiful opposed to the one of harmony and conciliation. This non-monolithic philosophical-publishing structure has helped the magazine to open both in the direction of the topics, making it attentive to the experiences of particularity and singularity, to the marginal areas, to the emerging phenomena of sensibility and art, to non-Western cultures, and in the direction of the authors, counting among his collaborators intellectuals of different cultures and experiences coming from all over the world.

Editorial board

Paolo Bartoloni Paolo Bertetto Giovanna Borradori Iain Chambers Carlos Couto de Sequeira Costa Paolo D'Angelo Gianfranco Dalmasso Paolo Fabbri Annateresa Fabris Giulio Ferroni Marina Galletti Shuhei Hosokawa Carsten Juhl Jorge Lozano Robert Lumley Giacomo Marramao Pietro Montani Giampiero Moretti Vanni Pasca Annie Reniers Philippot Paolo Quintili Nicolae Rambu Massimo Verdicchio

Editorial office

Enea Bianchi Anna Camaiti Hostert Giuliano Compagno Pierre Dalla Vigna Andrea De Santis Caterina Di Rienzo Milosh Fascetti Micaela Latini Aldo Marroni Matteo Monaco Angì Perniola Pierluigi Pietricola Fabrizio Scrivano Isabella Vincentini