Annuario di ricerche filosofiche

La rivista attualmente è presente nell'elenco delle riviste scientifiche per l'area 11 dell'Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca (ANVUR) ai fini dell'Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale.

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Annuario di ricerche filosofiche

Founded in 1962, the Journal “Itinerari. Yearbook of Philosophical Research” has a long history of uninterrupted activity. The Journal has its vocation in history of philosophy and is open to interdisciplinary contributions in the field of humanities. “Itinerari” aims to create an interweaving of disciplinary interests on philosophical, in particular ethical and political, issues. 

The Journal pays the utmost attention to the most topical issues of contemporary philosophical debate, and it favors historical and theoretical investigations on the fundamental questions of the ethical, anthropological and religious traditions, with a rigorous and scientific methodological approach. 

The Journal has been identified as the place of publication of the Proceedings of the first National Conference of SIFM (Italian Society of Moral Philosophy), held in Rome on 25th and 26th November 2011, with the title “General and specific Ethics” (n. 1, 2012) hosting contributions by Giuseppe Cantillo, Adriano Fabris, Aldo Massullo, Virgilio Melchiorre, Carmelo Vigna.

Since 2015, the Journal has been renewed by adopting a monographic form, that is, by dedicating each issue to a specific theme, with insights of both historical-critical and theoretical order. the single monographic issues were dedicated to the following themes: “Philosophy and Sciences in the Renaissance” (2015); “Europe and the Idea of Justice. Crises and Challenges” (2016); “Evil and its forms. Modern and contemporary reconsiderations of an ancient question” (2017); “Differences” (2018).

In each issue, “Itinerari” invites prominent academics and scholars to discuss and then, through a call for papers, opens to the partecipation of young scholars who can offer an innovative and original look at the issue of the Journal.

Since 2014 “Itinerari” has been included in the number of the Italian scientific journals.

Editorial board

Giuseppe Acocella Rafael Alvira Dominquez Adriano Ardovino Omar Brino Emanuele Cafagna Giuseppe Cantillo Raffaele Ciafardone Francesco Paolo Ciglia Michael Eckert Markus Enders David Forgacs Marco Forlivesi Piergiorgio Grassi Vittorio Hösle Virgilio Melchiorre Tilo Schabert Timothy Stanton Vittorio Stella Rainer Thurnher Carmelo Vigna Wilhelm Vossenkuhl Bernd Weidmann

Editorial office

Omar Brino Federica De Felice Giuliana Di Biase Silvia Handschumacher Oreste Tolone