Languages littératures civilisations des Pays francophones

  • Registrazione al Tribunale di Milano del 12 dicembre 2001 – N. 731

  • 1827-9767

  • Annual

  • Linguistica e letteratura francese

  • Università degli Studi di Milano
  • double blind peer review

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  • Marco Modenesi


Languages littératures civilisations des Pays francophones

Ponti / Ponts is a peer-reviewed open access journal of Francophone cultures: from Quebec and Canada to sub-Saharan Africa, from Belgium to the Caribbean, from Maghreb to Switzerland and Valle d'Aosta, to the other French-speaking areas all over the world, the entire Francophonie is concerned.

Each issue of the journal, which appears once a year, presents critical studies, unpublished texts, and a vast repertoire of reading notes concerning the linguistic, literary and cultural works of the different French-speaking countries. Critical essays and creative texts are put together in a thematic section, which may also include linguistic studies; these can also relate to free subjects.


Issues by Mimesis (http://mimesisedizioni.it/)

Rêves, fantômes, fantasmes, n. 14/2014

Bars, cafés, buvettes, n. 15/2015

Odeurs, senteurs, parfums, n. 16/2016

Jouer avec les mots, n. 17/2017


Next issues by Mimesis (http://mimesisedizioni.it/):

Fleuves, océans, ports et navires, n. 18/2018
Univers de la radio, n. 19/2019



By Cisalpino (http://www.monduzzieditore.it/cisalpino)

Enfers, n. 1/2001

Bestiaires, n.2/2002

Voyages, n. 3/2003

Astres et désastres, n. 4/2004

Enfances, n. 5/2005

Mariages, n. 6/2006

Présences du mythes, n. 7/2007

Monstres, n. 8/2008


By Led Edizioni  http://www.ledonline.it/index.php/Ponts/issue/archive

Saintetés, n. 9/2009

Hantises, n. 10/2010

Centre-villes, villes et bidonvilles, n. 11/2011

Pouvoirs de la parole, n. 12/2012

Épidémies, n. 13/2013


Editorial board

Mandé Alpha Diarra Raoul Boudreau Cristina Brancaglion André Brochu Maria Colombo Timelli Gian Luigi Di Bernardini Jacques Dubois Alessandra Ferraro Daniela Mauri Marco Modenesi Silvia Riva Simonetta Valenti

Editorial office

Elisabetta Bevilacqua Cristina Brancaglion Maria Benedetta Collini Barbara Ferrari Jada Miconi Francesca Paraboschi