Rivista annuale

  • Registrazione presso il Tribunale di Cuneo, n. d’ordine 54 del 30 agosto 1949

  • 0015-1823

  • Annual

  • Filosofia e Storia

  • Double blind peer review

  • Call For Papers

La rivista attualmente è presente nell'elenco delle riviste scientifiche per le aree 11 e 14 dell'Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca (ANVUR) ai fini dell'Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale.

  • Luca Bertolino
    Gianluca Cuozzo
    Marco Marco Fracon
    Vittorio Mathieu
    Sara Nosari
    Andrea Poma
    Luca Taddio


Rivista annuale

Among the most ancient philosophy journals, “Filosofia”, thanks to Gianluca Cuozzo’s effort and to the constitution of a new scientific and editorial board, has resumed its publication since 2014 under Vittorio Mathieu’s scientific direction. Aim of the journal is to be an instrument of theorical research characterized by scientific rigour and an interest for all the options and methods developed by the philosophical tradition. Journal’s belief is that nowadays philosophy, as well as science, has specialized and developed in multiple directions, therefore demanding scholars and researchers able to deal with increasingly subtle and complex issues, without renouncing to an overall view offered by the great metaphysical tradition. The journal aims at offering a wide and monitored view on any aspect of the real that may be questioned by a critical philosophical view, in order to look into our age with awareness and conceptual carefulness. Any issue proposes a thematical section announced by call for papers and a miscellaneous one. “Filosofia” accepts contributions in the main European languages and selects them through a rigorous process of double-blind peer-review.

Editorial board

Evandro Agazzi Enrico Berti Remo Bodei Antonio Brancaforte Girolamo Cotroneo Tullio Gregory Giuseppe Riconda Emanuele Severino Carlo Sini Gianni Vattimo

Editorial office

Sally Paola Anselmo Alessandro Carrieri Antonio Dall'Igna Simona Porro Simona Porro Damiano Roberi Ernesto Sferrazza Papa Valentina Tirloni Valentina Tirloni Mario Trombino Greta Venturelli