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  • 22 – June 2021

  • Elisa Grimi

  • Autorizzazione Tribunale di Milano n. 127 – 12 marzo 2010

  • 9788869773877

  • 2037-6707/2039-7194

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  • Philosophy

  • Process using double blind refereeing

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Articles, authors and abstracts

Antonio Carnevale,

Emanuela Tangari

Ethics, Health Data, and Bio-Citizenship: From the Politics of Body to the Politics of Knowledge
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194118

Victoria M. Cal
González ,

Alicia Jiménez

PERSIST: Patients-Centred Survivorship Care Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194119

Matej Horvat,

Izidor Mlakar,

Bojan Musil,

Maja Ravnik,

Matej Rojc,

Urška Smrke

Digital Intervention for Sustainable PROMs/PREMs for Personalized Care and Interventions to Increase Quality
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194120

Simon Lin

The Dichotomy Between Data Ownership and Data Utilization: Using Personal Data for the Greater Good
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194121

Jean-Gabriel Piguet

“Safe and Well-Informed”: A Study of the New Governance of Bio-Citizens’ Judgment
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194122

José Luis Bravo,

Antonio Carnevale

PERSIST Big Data Platform: Privacy, Security, and Ethics
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194123

Elena Sartini

Privacy, Public Health and Security: A Balancing Operation
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194124

Antonello Corsi,


Distributed Knowledge System for Integration of Bio-Citizen Self-Experiences
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194125

Federica Russo

Value-Promoting Concepts in the Health Sciences and Public Health
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194127

Giovanni Salmeri

Biopower and Religious Protests. Between Rights and Meaning of Life
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194128

Carlos Novas,

Pèrez Jorquera

Towards Evidence-Based Patient Activism: Surveying the Biomedical and Psychosocial Needs of Chilean Rare Disease Patients Using Google Surveys
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194129


Ethics, Big Data, and Heath: Metaethics Considerations
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194130

María Dolores
Sánchez Galera

Medical Science and Bio-Data, Technology and Sustainability: Bridging the Gap between Common Good and Technological
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194131

Federico Sartore

The Protection of Bio-Data. Legal Bulwarks and Flexibilit in the Context of Digital Biocitizenship
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194132

Alessandra Calvi

A Step Towards Dystopia? How the Covid-19 Pandemics Exacerbated the Data Protection Challenges Raised by Smart Cities
DOI: 10.7413/2039-7194133