Philosophical News

Official Publication of ESMP

  • Autorizzazione Tribunale di Milano n. 127 – 12 marzo 2010

  • 2037-6707/2039-7194

  • Biannual

  • Filosofia e Cultura

  • Associazione Culturale Philosophical News
  • double blind peer reviw

  • Elisa Grimi

Philosophical News

Official Publication of ESMP

"Philosophical News" is a semi-annual journal of philosophy born from the collaboration of a number of international scholars as well as an intense editorial effort. The aim of our journal is to promote research and reflection with special regard to the contemporary debate in all its different cultural manifestations. Our editorial office therefore especially welcomes contributions pertaining to current debates, both of theorical and historical nature. In addition to including articles and reviews, the issues also feature interviews and reports on works in progress: this choice is aimed at further reinforcing the attention on current developments, which is the distinctive feature of this editorial project. Another choice that was made was that of privileging major themes, developing each issue in a monographic form: only from the unity that belongs to thought in its origin, thought that is rooted in the grounds of experience and aware of its provenance, is it possible to move forward, to progress, to bear fruit with that calm that is then absolved and transformed by the ‘new’. Likewise, the harmony that occasionally transpires from the pages of classics appears as a potential cornerstone for a new, enriched study: "As a farmer ploughs the earth for the harvest that ad-est, the philosopher ploughs the visible for the invisible that shines through it. He cuts through the visible, digging furrows that are not ordered according to the principles of geometry but according to the invisible Unum that integrates his thoughts and his actions, which are both philo-sophical"(Stanislaw Grygiel).

Editorial board

Francesca Bonicalzi Francesco Botturi Rémi Brague Angelo Campodonico Timothy Chappell Vincenzo Costa Gianfranco Dalmasso Mario De Caro Alessandro Ghisalberti John Haldane Claudio La Rocca Mauro Letterio Danielle Lories Michele Marsonet Margarita Mauri Alvarez Matteo Negro John O’Callaghan Robert Spaemann Achille Varzi

Editorial office

Marco Bellia Damiano Bondi Marco Damonte Anna Piazza Stefano Santasilia Stefania Zanardi