Ucraina: la distruzione del­l’am­biente, delle città e delle opera d’arte

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Panizza, M. (2022). Ucraina: la distruzione del­l’am­biente, delle città e delle opera d’arte. Dialogoi. Rivista Di Studi Comparatistici, (9). Recuperato da https://mimesisjournals.com/ojs/index.php/dialogoi/article/view/2013


At the end of the “fratricidal” conflict, which began in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the losses, even irreparable ones, of the entire environmental and architectural heritage will have to be counted in addition to the thousands of dead and wounded and millions of refugees. To the quantities, which can be measured in terms of costs and skills, we must add the value, very difficult to estimate, of the works of art that have been lost forever. Certainly we cannot assume, in these days, the preparation of a structure that deals with the preservation of fine architecture. The commitment to protect people’s lives is too pressing. What we can hope for is that in the meetings of the delegations the formulation of an agreement not to hit those unique works that tell, more than others, the history of a place and a people can be heard in a concrete way. If we have not been involved in a real world war for years, we are nevertheless witnessing, and ever more closely, many conflicts, all characterized by the ever-increasing exacerbation of hatred and oppression between brothers.