Rivista semestrale di filosofia contemporanea & nuovi media

  • Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Milano n. 24 del 30 gennaio 2015.

  • 2420-8914

  • Semestrale

  • Filosofia contemporanea

  • Double-blind peer review

  • Code of ethics

  • Eugeni Ruggero


Rivista semestrale di filosofia contemporanea & nuovi media

“Scenari” aims to propose itself as a cultural reference for heterogeneous disciplinary fields in dialogue with each other: contemporary philosophy (Aesthetics, Theoretical Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy), Cinema and New Media, and Visual Culture Studies. In recent years, Mimesis has gradually expanded the number of its authors, readers and collaborators, to form a small galaxy in the Italian intellectual landscape in the field of philosophy. Hence the idea of ​​a journal attentive to the hot topics of the contemporary debate, able to focus on current philosophical discussions and with the aim of proposing original approaches. The topics include theoretical reflections that extend to the wider domain of socio-political life, always maintaining a scientific vocation in the exposition of essays. By encouraging the exploration of different domains of art, related to specific problems of philosophy, “Scenari” presents the reader with in-depth arguments on topics such as image theories, approaches to virtual reality, visual intelligence, gender ideology, music, intermediation. Without privileging a particular philosophical current, the journal tries to investigate possible points of intersection between European continental philosophy and Anglo-American traditions. Solid scientific committees attributable to different disciplinary fields are the quality's guarantee of the essays published here, which will offer the reader an immediate overview of the contemporary debates that animate European and intercontinental universities.

Editorial board

Valentina Re Alfonso Amendola Marcello Barison Marco Benoit Carbone Maria Tilde Bettetini Anna Bisogno Petar Bojanic Giorgio Brianese Alberto Brodesco Leonardo Caffo Arrigo Cappelletti Giulia Carluccio Enrico Carocci Felice Cimatti Alessandro Cinquegrani Arnaldo Colasanti Mariapia Comand Fausto Curi Marco Dalla Grassa Mario De Caro Massimo Donà Adriano D’Aloia Ruggero Eugeni Paolo Fabbri Giacomo Franzoso Fabio La Mantia Marco Laudonio Giovanni Maina Giacomo Manzoli Carmelo Marabello Sara Martin Roberto Masiero Andrea Mecacci Roy Menarini Paolo Mottana Alberto Nones Valeria Ottonelli Francesco Parisi Luigi Perissinotto Giulio Piatti Andrea Pinotti Andrea Rabbito Franco Rella Antonio Somaini Leila Talani Davide Tarizzo Francescomaria Tedesco Roberto Tessari Vincenzo Trione Maria Grazia Turri Nicla Vassallo Vincenzo Vitiello Vito Zagarrio Federico Zecca Andrea Zhok

Editorial office

Marcello Barison Marcello Barison Damiano Cantone Simone Furlani Simone Furlani Marcello Ghilardi Marcello Ghilardi Stefano Marino Samantha Maruzzella Andrea Rabbito Andrea Rabbito Federico Zecca