Minority Reports

Cultural Disability Studies

  • Registrazione presso il Tribunale di Napoli n. 24 del 21.04.2015

  • 2465-0315

  • Biannual

  • Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa
  • Double blind peer review

  • Lucio D'Alessandro
    Giampiero Griffo
    Ciro Tarantino

Minority Reports

Cultural Disability Studies

“Minority Reports. Cultural Disability Studies” is a research space which means to foster the discussion on cultural codes, social practices and dispositifs of government of disability. In “Minority Reports” the disability question is both a research criterion and an interpretative key to social processes which suggests analogies and comparisons. The journal aims to contribute to the drafting of minority reports based on newly elaborated or rediscovered texts, studies, documents, scribbles, pictures and other artefacts, which cannot be defined a priori, since they are reluctant to any standardization and averse to the borders of the discipline. These materials allow the analysis of the forces which can shape the dissent, work the limits of freedom and imagine several and possible multiple futures. “Minority Reports”, in its arrangement and editorial line, promotes theoretical and practical approaches and contributions by independent researchers who represent the issues of disability rights movements and the technical experience of the individuals on whom the effects of power are practiced.

Editorial board

Adalgiso Amendola Maurice Aymard Pietro Barbieri Rita Barbuto Mauro Bertani Lysette Boucher-Castel Alberto Burgio Paula Campos Pinto Enricomaria Corbi Emilia D'Antuono Theresia Degener Léo Goupil-Barbier Mondher Kilani Marina Lalatta Costerbosa Michalis Lianos Marco Mascia Paolo Napoli Leonardo Piasere Mark Priestley Gerard Quinn Emilio Santoro Tom Shakespeare Jean-Luc Simon Vito Teti Giacomo Todeschini Jean-François Trani Yannis Vardakastanis Miguel-Angel Verdugo

Editorial office

Maria Giulia Bernardini Fiammetta M. Caravelli Federico Ciani Silvia Cutrera Lavinia D'Errico Maria Rosaria Duraccio Fulvio Librandi Cecilia Marchisio Marco Mazzeo Marco Meschiari Ciro Pizzo Daniele Romano Matteo Schianchi Alessandra M. Straniero Sabrina Tosi Cambini