Filosofia e Comunicazione

  • Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Varese n. 893 del 23/02/2006

  • 1828-1567

  • Biannual

  • Filosofia, Società e Comunicazione

  • blind peer review

  • Claudio Bonvecchio
    Pasquale Diaferia


Filosofia e Comunicazione

Deriving from ancient Greek, the word "Metabasis"  means “changing mutation” as a dynamic paradigm to understand reality. This aptly fits the themes and topics put forward by our Review, which is dedicated to Philosophy and Communication.
Contemporary civilisation, defined by many thinkers as the society of images, expresses itself in a continuous (both apparent and substantial) change. The main purpose of our semester review is to analyse the intersection domain where concepts become images, symbols and myths, and vice versa. In other words, we aim to propose our readership a practical understanding of philosophical thoughts, which conjugates the academic needs for a scientific base with the constant revolution of communication practices and theories in contemporary society.
Firstly, we believe that a correct use of thinking, namely that offered by Philosophy, is necessary for an exact comprehension of reality. We also believe that the ever-changing post-technological civilisation compels philosophical thinking and thinkers themselves to re-think their own constitutive categories.
In particular, research on symbols and myths appears to be the most adequate horizon to re-interpret those categories through which we analyse real phenomena and to determine the possibility of an adequate understanding of the present era. This is characterized by constant solicitations of collective imaginary that are perpetrated by the mass media, through symbolic constellations and archetypical structures that have a considerable impact on individuals, prompting in them as they do a strong value and psycho-emotional involvement.
In a world where the process of desacralisation and deideologisation seems to be already accomplished by now, the Man looking for the Nietzschean transmutation of all values has nothing left but confronting himself with that mythical and symbolic dimension on which to draw the universal and imaginative dimensions that are necessary to redefine the relational and value foundations on which every society seems to be grounded.
From this research perspective, "Metabasis" intends to contribute to building a new research methodology able to study and analyse all the aforementioned cultural and intellectual phenomena.


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