Rivista di Linguistica, Letteratura e Comunicazione

  • Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Varese n. 1 del 2016

  • 2532-439X

  • Annual

  • Linguistica e Comunicazione

  • Double blind peer review

  • Code of ethics


Rivista di Linguistica, Letteratura e Comunicazione

The new journal “Expressio” represents the meeting point between different elements of linguistic and literary studies operating at the University of Insubria of Varese and is the result of the work and of the preparatory and organizational activities of Editorial Committee’s collaborators members. The project aims to apply to the specific areas of Linguistics, Literature and Communication, crossing the theoretical aspects with the monitoring of existing realities, in a synchronic and diachronic perspective. Priority will be given to reflections on precise and circumscribed themes, also linked to pragmatic values. The intersections between these three components, considered in their wider sphere of action, constitute the primary objective of the project.

Editorial board

Luciano Agostiniani Lucia Bertolini Gabriella Cartago Carlo Consani Pierluigi Cuzzolin Javier de Hoz Bravo Pierangela Diadori Roberta Facchinetti Fabiana Fusco Giovanni Iamartino Mario Negri Vincenzo Orioles Diego Poli Rosa Pugliese Giovanna Rocca Francesca Savoia Graziano Serragiotto Marco Sonzogni Giuseppe Stellardi

Editorial office

Barbara Berti Paola Biavaschi Kim Grego Jean Hadas-Lebel Mario Iodice Roberta Melazzo Marta Muscariello Paolo Musso Paolo Nitti Erika Notti Federico A. Pasquaré Mariotto Giulia Rovelli Daniel Russo Andrea Spiriti