Civitas Educationis

Education, politics and culture

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Civitas Educationis

Education, politics and culture

“Civitas educationis. Education, Politics and Culture” is an international peer-reviewed journal and aims at promoting reflection and discussion on the link between education and politics, as a fundamental dimension of human existence.
That link has been characterizing western educational thinking and practices since the time of the ancient greeks with the bond between paideia and polis. The journal intends to be an agora where it is possible to investigate this topic from different perspectives, with both theoretical contributions and empirical research, including within its scope topics such as: educational systems and political systems; education and human rights; peace education; education and citizenship; education and differences; education and interfaith dialogue; education and social inclusion; education, globalization and democracy; education and digital culture; education and ecology.

Editorial board

Massimo Baldacci Gert J.J. Biesta Franco Cambi Enricomaria Corbi Michele Corsi Lucio D'Alessandro Luigi D'Alonzo Ornella De Sanctis Franco Frabboni Elisa Frauenfelder Janette Friedrich Jen Glaser Larry Hickman David Kennedy Walter Omar Kohan Cosimo Laneve Umberto Margiotta Sara Martin Giuliano Minichiello Bruno Moroncini Marco Eduardo Murueta Margherita Musello Stefano Oliverio Pascal Perillo Vincenzo Sarracino Marie-Noëlle Schurmans Fabrizio Manuel Sirignano Giancarla Sola Maura Striano Natascia Villani Rupert Wegerif Carla Xodo

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Fabrizio Chello Daniela Manno Stefano Oliverio Pascal Perillo