When the Monument Becomes Anthropomorphized: South Korea Narrated by the BTS

  • Bianca Terracciano


BTS produces meaning through the many kinds of “correlated to their activity as artists: not only songs and MVs, but also events, objects, pop up shops, SNS posts, and more. These texts are enunciated, constructed, and narrated, representing different actions and feelings connected to the identity of BTS. In the production of meaning resides the difference between signification and communication. Meaning is produced not only through intentional communication, like song l yrics or SNS statements, but also through ‘messages' that circulate independently, such as signs, symbols, images, and places that become significant within MVs or TV series. It is not a matter of describing a state of affairs correlated to a topic or a th eme but of depicting the emotions to be experienced. The stories related to BTS activities can emotionally involve people, create new experiences and flows, and actively engage fandom in their support. The route BTS took in their career has had a steady compass, their individual and cultural identity, which has ensured the correct interpretation of the map of the soul whose stages have been many and have touched on areas as diverse as music, comics, art, fashion, and literature. In this way, the se ven guys have been able to translate themselves and Korean habits to people of all nations and ages. From this hypothesis, I will demonstrate how the BTS have become a disseminated monument to “ by becoming attractors of interest in their heritage culture.

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