The Condominium: Forms and Problems of Duplication of the Collective

  • Giuditta Bassano


The contribution aims at discussing issues related to four topics. (a) A theoretical reflection about the notion of “collective actants”; (b) its relevance concerning what Italian law, chiefly through the Civil Code, defines condominio, as a human group of people living close to each other in a block of flats; (c) the matter of defining the differences berween what is called law and what can be conceived as a form of social normativity (d) the semiotic analysis methodology facing not linear, fragmented objects. Firtsly, various conceptions about “collective” and social aggregation are investigated, in order to display potential links between semiotics and other social sciences. Subsequently, the legal features of the Italian condominio are explored in a semiotic perspective. It is thus enphasized the mutual connection between law and social normativity overall; lastly, we claim the idea of condominio as a collective form, both replicating and radically trasforming a human association.

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