La memoria ha un futuro. Pratiche filosofiche con l’Anfim nei licei


Future, Memory, History, Practical Philosophy, School

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Trasciani, M. (2023). La memoria ha un futuro. Pratiche filosofiche con l’Anfim nei licei. B@belonline, 10, 259-266.


Based on a recent experience of practical philosophy carried out with high school students, I analyze the relationship between history and memory. Focusing on the continuing process of questioning past in order to build future, I investigate the challenge to accomplish it, through a participatory workflow. In this term philosophy, in its practical meaning, may implement a collective self-reflection of the entire community on its goals and values. The article analyzes the potential consequences this self-questioning attitude may generate, defining them as radical democracy and awareness of establishing relations based on cooperation rather than competition, as a positive achievement for social life. A further consideration is dedicated to the different aspects characterizing the climate of the practical philosopher community, included the collective work of setting, developing and evaluating the entire process realized together with the students. The hope is that new generations may learn citizenship as a collective construction practice.