La escuela salmantina de filosofía de la tecnología
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Lawler, D. (2020). La escuela salmantina de filosofía de la tecnología. Mechane, 219-234. Retrieved from


In this paper I present the technology philosophy of the Salmantina School. In my opinion, this philosophy constitutes an original integrative reflection on technology that brings together its ontological, epistemological and normative dimensions. The intuition underlying this school focuses on technological practices and the threads that weave its warp. According to this reflection, the understanding of technology depends on the analysis and understanding of human action in its condition of productive action, i.e., an action that involves the transformation and control of reality, guided by learned knowledge, and objectives that respond to human desires and needs. This work has three sections. In the first section I gather the main ideas coming from the praxiology and philosophy of Ortega y Gasset; in my opinion these main ideas are the basis of this philosophy of technology that had its origin in the University of Salamanca. In the second section I present the view on the technology of the Salmantina School pointing out its ontological, epistemological and normative features. Finally, in the conclusions, I point out some of the most relevant concerns that are part of the current work of the so-called Salmantina School.

pdf (Español (España))