Rivista di Filosofia Interculturale

  • Registrazione del Tribulare 1539 al Tribunale di Padova il 23 ottobre 1996

  • 1721-5634

  • Annual

  • Estetica e Filosofia

  • Simplegadi Associazione di Filosofia Interculturale
  • blind peer review

  • Silvia Voltolina


Rivista di Filosofia Interculturale

Founded in 1996 on the initiative of a group of university students, under the guidance of prof. Giangiorgio Pasqualotto, "Simplegadi. Journal of Intercultural Philosophy" (originally called "Rivista di filosofia orientale and comparata") explicitly refers to the experience of the Argonauts' journey, the legendary sailors who crossed the "clashing cliffs" - the Symplegades petrai, precisely: stunning rocks that connected the Greek world (today we would say Europe) with the Asian one. This magazine has seen authors, content, styles, multiple perspectives alternating themselves, always under the banner of a work of confrontation, of interrelation among different cultures and traditions: from Greek philosophy to Taoist thought, from traditional African or South American conceptions to Confucianism, from contemporary German philosophy to Buddhism. These traditions of thought are considered so original and fruitful to give way to constantly renewed interpretations. Thus, they are capable of reviving a philosophical exercise without frontiers, in order to dialogue beyond fashions and regardless of belonging to definite schools.

Editorial board

Roger T. Ames Giuliano Boccali Pier Cesare Bori Adone Brandalise Piero Coda Raul Fornet-Betancourt Francois Julliene Marcello Meli Ryosuke Ohashi Raimon Panikkar Antonio Pavan Antonio Rigopoulos Paolo Scarpi Aldo Tollini Franz Wimmer

Editorial office

Amina Crisma Enrico Fongaro Tommaso Furlan Marcello Ghilardi Giovanni Leghissa Emanuela Magno Giangiorgio Pasqualottto Alessandra Vicentini Stefano Zacchetti