Anthropology & Philosophy

International Multidisciplinary Journal

  • Registered in the Court of Florence no. 4822 as of 6 August 1998

  • Annual

  • Antropologia e Filosofia

  • THEMS – International Center for Theoretical Multidisciplinary Studies
  • double blind peer review

  • Mario L. Bianca

Anthropology & Philosophy

International Multidisciplinary Journal

"A&P" is an International Multidisciplinary Journal dedicated to human and natural scientists interested in sharing research experiences and theoretical issues. "A&P" focuses mainly on Anthropology, Philosophy and Neurophilosophy, but does not undervaluate contributions offered by other human sciences, such as Psychology, Sociology and Human Ethology. "A&P" ’s main concern is the development of a general theory of human mind and human nature.

Editorial board

Evandro Agazzi Remo Bodei Nicolae Bulz Maria Immacolata Macioti Luca Malatesti Anna Marmodoro Fabio Minazzi Paolo A. Rossi

Editorial office

Paolo Piccari